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How to get to Rasnov?

The Festival will take place in Rasnov / Rosenau, a historical town in the south-east of Transylvania, Romania, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains.

By plane

There are three airports located in close proximity to Rasnov:

   1. Brasov - Ghimbav Airport (15 km from Rasnov) - first flights from June 15, 2023; there will be bus connections to Brasov. If you choose a taxi, the route to Rasnov takes 15 minutes.

   2. Sibiu International Airport - located approximately 140 kilometers away from Rasnov. You can get from Sibiu to Rasnov by bus or train. The journey takes around 3 hours.

   3. Bucharest Airport (Henri Coandă) - located approximately 160 kilometers away from Rasnov. Good connections from Bucharest to Rasnov by train and buses. The journey takes around 2.5 hours.

By car or bus from Brasov to Rasnov

Access to Rasnov from Brasov (the closest big town to Rasnov) is via DN73, by car or public transport (by bus). The distance from Brasov to Rasnov is approximately 15 kilometers.

Train from Brasov to Rasnov

You can take a train from Brasov that travels the Brasov-Rasnov-Zarnesti route. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Regio Calatori is the company which operates on this line.

Rasnov Fortress

Today, the Rasnov Citadel is one of the most important medieval monuments in Romania and is undergoing extensive restoration. Currently, only the fortress garden is open to visitors, and the entrance is FREE. 

The first medieval fortress in Rasnov was built by the Saxons and Teutonic Knights during the period of 1211-1225, when the Crusaders ruled in the Burzenland. After the expulsion of the Crusaders, the wooden and earthen citadel was rebuilt and transformed into one made by stone stone by the Saxons.
The culminating moment, which left us with the architectural legacy of defense walls, towers, and houses, was the fortified medieval town, the second settlement of the Rasnov Saxons.

Rasnov for young film creators

A film creator would find Rasnov an attractive location due to its beautiful natural surroundings and diverse ecosystem.

Rasnov is situated near the Carpathian Mountains, which offer stunning scenery and a variety of natural habitats. The nearby Piatra Craiului National Park is also a protected area with unique and diverse flora and fauna, including rare species such as the Carpathian chamois, brown bear, and lynx. These natural features could serve as a fascinating subject for a nature film.

​​Rasnov is also home to a variety of animal and plant species, including rare and endangered ones, which could be featured in a nature film. The town's surrounding forests, meadows, and rivers could also provide opportunities to capture unique footage of wildlife in their natural habitats.


Moreover, the town is located in a transitional area between the Carpathian Mountains and the Transylvanian Plateau, which creates a diverse and unique landscape that could provide a captivating subject for a nature film.


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